Exclusive 62%

100g Chocolate bars

Chocolate reserves-are irreplaceable for high intensity, energy consuming activities, such as hiking.As well, it is already well known secret, that chocolate energises the body and the mind. Only few pieces of chocolate helps you to concentrate and boosts your mental abilities. Exclusive 62% not only have these qualities, but stands out due to its rich , exclusive aroma and smoother taste, due to 62% cocoa. While making this chocolate we only use single origin cocoa beans from ECUADOR, GHANA and IVORY COAST. These beans are grown in the regions, which have long been recognized as the highest quality synonyms for cocoa.


Cocoa mass from single origin cocoa beans from GHANA, ECUADOR, IVORY COAST,sugar, cocoa butter, rapeseed lecithin (emulsifier). Cocoa solids not less than 62%.

Without artificial additives and flavorings

In our chocolates you won't find any preservatives, hydrogenated fats, cocoa powder, artificial flavorings or any other additives that don't belong in real chocolate.

Premium cocoa beans

In our chocolate we only use the highest quality single origin cocoa beans from Ghana, Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

Tasty healthiness

Our products are for everyone who look after their health - they are full of antioxidants, A, B and E vitamins.