EU projects

EU financial support

Special support for Exclusive products

In the end of 2016, we signed a contract with Lithuanian business support agency, regarding new project implementation and financing from EU financial and structural funding.

Project “JSC Meskenas” new export market search and development of existing markets (code:03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-02-0103) partially financed by 2014-2020 EU investment strategy program 3 priority ” Small and medium business competition motivation” measure No. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801 “New opportunities LT”. Project estimate 88 395,00 Eur. For project, 44 197,50 Eur dedicated financing from EU regional development funding.

JSC Meskenas, manufactures single origin chocolate in Kaunas district, confectionery chocolate for bakery,confectionery coatings and bulk chocolate.

EU financial support for “JSC Meskenas” “Export to new markets and segments”

By using EU financial funding- “New opportunities” we had a chance to present our production in Europe and Middle East markets.

During 2014-2015 we participated in 5 international exhibitions, UK, UAE and the Netherlands. New contacts made during these events, allowed us to expand our operations and export sales in these new markets. By successfully implementing this project, we increased our export by 16%. This year we increased this number to 19.17%. By finding new business partners, we opened up new markets such as as Canada, Bulgaria, Qatar, UAE and Iran.

Project – “JSC Meskenas” competition and productivity development (code: VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-04-263) was partially financed by Lithuanian 2007-2013 economic growth program 2 priority “Business productivity development and business environment improvement” by means “New Opportunities”. Project scope 0,05 million eur, from which 0,03 million eur financed by separate EU regional funds.

JSC Meskenas, manufactures single origin chocolate in Kaunas district, confectionery chocolate for bakery,confectionery coatings and bulk chocolate.

JSC “Meskenas” foreign markets development

JSC “Meskenas” is implementing a project, which main goal is to increase company’s competitiveness. The main object of the project is-foreign market development. During project, it is planned to attend 8 international exhibitions. This will allow to increase awareness of the company and it’s products. The start of the project is-2019 July, planned end of the project-2021 February.

Project Nr.03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-05-0280 “JSC Meskenas” foreign market development” partially financed according to 2014-2020 EU investment fund program 3 priority “Small and medium business size competitiveness promotion” means “New opportunities LT”. Project funded of 42 thousand euros fund from EU regional development fund.

“Implementation of digital technologies in JSC Meskenas” project

JSC Meskenas has been successfully developing the production of chocolate glazes and fillings for many years. However, a new, ambitious goal was set in 2009 – to present both in Lithuania and abroad an exclusive chocolate, high in quality and natural in ingredients, chocolate that meets the expectations of demanding consumer. This is how “TAI TAU” quality chocolates were born. In a relatively short period of time, the company’s efforts and workmanship, as well as the resulting quality products, were appreciated not only by Lithuanian or foreign chocolate lovers of all ages, but also recognized by foreign chocolate experts.

Currently, the company aims to grow production potential, increase sales and productivity by investing in digital technologies.

In order to increase work efficiency, the company performed a technological audit and in accordance with the recommendations provided therein, plans to implement the project “Implementation of digital technologies in JSC Meskenas”, during which the technologies that best meet the company’s production process digitization needs will be acquired and implemented.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project title – “Implementation of digital technologies in JSC Meskenas”

Project executor – JSC Meskenas

Project aim – to digitize the company’s production processes and increase the company’s productivity.

Amount of eligible project costs – EUR 1,037,581.00

From the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of the project allocated up to – 457 255,64 Eur

Start of project implementation – 16/09/2020

The end of the project implementation – 19/11/2022