About us


Since 2009, we started producing especially high quality – natural chocolate. The recipes of our chocolate creations, were inspired by our endless travels and search for perfection by looking into Lithuanian chocolate traditions.

Once we mastered the application methods and combined it with our unique recipes and experience, we created, what we proudly present to You – exceptional taste chocolate and chocolate sweets.

About us

These products have been already awarded and appreciated locally and internationally by chocolate lovers and experts. Exceptional and exclusive taste of our chocolate comes from not only unique recipes and blends, but from high quality ingredients, that we carefully select.

When making our chocolate, we only use natural cocoa butter, sugar and single origin cocoa beans, that we source from Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador. The better the quality of chocolate, the less emulsifier (any type of lecithin) there has to be in it.

In our products, we keep it to a minimum and instead of soya lecithin, we use rapeseed lecithin, which is found to be less allergenic to most of people..Moreover, in our products you won’t find any hydrogenated fats, conservatives, cocoa powder (cheaper substitute for cocoa mass).

Our chocolate is rich in antioxidants and A, E and B group vitamins. Some bars, have less B group vitamins, which can be safely enjoyed by children. We monitor every step of our chocolate production in order to offer the best of the best for – YOU. The product under which we can easily put our signature.

Šaparniai, EXCLUSIVE chocolate creators.

Our mission

Excellent chocolate

Our mission

We are family, in which chocolate is loved by everyone, from the eldest to the youngest. Chocolate production process is well familiar among few family generations. By keeping these chocolate secrets among the closest family members, we are able to produce only the highest quality chocolate. Quality-is our promise to our customers and liability to our family name.

Exclusive chocolate – it is love for yourself, being able to enjoy the moment. The necessity to remind others of this enjoyment and season this moment by excellent chocolate…. We think of it as our mission.

Excellent chocolate

We appreciate

Attention to our customer

We always try to exceed the expectations and predict what would give our customers the greatest joy.

Highest quality

We are responsible in every step - from sourcing the ingredients till fulfilling our recipes to perfection.

Constant improvement

By trying to stay ahead of others, we continuously are investing in new machinery and modernising our production methods.



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