For creators

We offer a variety of real chocolate icing to the manufacturers.

We make each kind of special recipe, so they are different in character, taste and texture. It can be used to form candy shells and chocolate tiles before thawing.

Chocolate and confectionery

For creators

For artisan chocolate creators, we offer wide range of real chocolate and real chocolate couvertures. We produce wide variety flavors and texture products from which you can form chocolate praline outside shells and chocolate bars.

Chocolate couvertures are produced with not less than 31% of cocoa, cocoa butter and 2,5% non fat cocoa dry solids. As well they contain sugar, lecithin and vanillin.

Couvertures made from extra smooth cocoa butter allows you to work with it on big factory machinery or in producing small hand produced artisanal chocolates.

These chocoloate couvertures have great finished texture and shiny surface, therefore they are ideal for hand made chocolates of various shapes and for cake decorations.

We produce products

For cheese curd snacks

Our confectionery coatings are especially well suited for cheese curd snack application. We can offer wide variety of flavors, or create a new one upon client's request.

For ice-cream

When making ice-cream you will find our coatings to be exceptionally high quality and smooth in ice-cream application. Along with our fillings for ice-creams, they will allow you to fulfill any product ideas.

For confectionery

Chocolate makes any dessert better. By using our coatings, couvertures and fillings you will be able not to only add additional tastes and flavors to your bakery products, but to use it for decoration purposes as well.


For desserts

Exclusive chocolate

For desserts

For dessert and ice cream makers we offer various filings.

Among our various recipes you can find such flavors-chocolate liquor, truffle, coffee and hazelnut fat based fillings with cocoa, on top of that such flavors as eggnog and “Irish” cream flavor fillings based on caramel and fat base.

For our clients we supply, yogurt, cream with coconut white fat based fillings, as well various fruit and berry flavors (cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant..etc) filings. As well we produce fillings on milk, glucose and fructose base with cocoa.