Exclusive 35%

100g Chocolate bars

Sweet tooths know that smaller the percentage of cocoa, the sweeter the chocolate is, the taste and texture softer.That is the reason, why sweets lovers choose milk chocolate over dark chocolate. In this chocolate we use ingredients, that are not of lesser quality than the dark Exclusive chocolates. In this traditional milk chocolate, we combined the highest quality cocoa beans from GHANA with rich cream from the Switzerland alps.


Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass made from single origin cocoa beans from GHANA, full fat cream powder, skimmed milk powder, rapeseed lecithin (emulsifier). Cocoa solids not less than 35%.

Without artificial additives and flavorings

In our chocolates you won't find any preservatives, hydrogenated fats, cocoa powder, artificial flavorings or any other additives that don't belong in real chocolate.

Premium cocoa beans

In our chocolate we only use the highest quality single origin cocoa beans from Ghana, Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

Tasty healthiness

Our products are for everyone who look after their health - they are full of antioxidants, A, B and E vitamins.