TAITAU EXCLUSIVE 62% Chocolate Received the Superior Taste Award of Three Golden Stars as Exceptional Product

JSC Meškėnas participated in the prestigious international competition for the Superior Taste Award. TAITAU EXCLUSIVE chocolate was tested and assessed by 125 professional European chefs, sommeliers and connoisseurs. TAITAU EXCLUSIVE 62 % dark chocolate was awarded Three Golden Stars, which is the highest award given to exceptional products, TAITAU EXCLUSIVE 72 % dark chocolate received Two Golden Stars and TAITAU EXCLUSIVE 82% dark chocolate was awarded One Golden Star. This is an internationally recognized acknowledgement of connoisseurs proving that TAITAU EXCLUSIVE chocolate has exceptional taste and quality. The prestigious award was collected by Agnė Šaparnytė, the main shareholder of Meškėnas JSC, in Brussels on the 14th day of June 2017.

The Superior Taste Award is an annual prize given by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) to exceptional food or drink products from all over the world. The presented products are blind tested to assess their smell, appearance, taste, texture and other qualities. The panel of judges receive no prior information about the product they are tasting, thus, the awards are given only to those products that meet the highest criteria in terms of quality and taste.



New “Tai Tau” chocolate 50 gram chocolate bars, comes in different varieties.

“SIAL” Paris

JSC “Meskenas” and it’s representatives will present new “Tai Tau” chocolate products atthe international “SIAL Paris” trade fair, that will take place on the 16 th -20 th October in Paris,