Our Aims and Values

For years we have been successfully working on fillings and confectionary coating production. However, since 2009 we have decided to take greater challanges, to revive Lithuanian and other chocolate markets, by offering consumer, most exquisite chocolate, that would be natural and healthy.


“Tai Tau” chocolate story has started with a search for authentic-classical chocolate recipe. Journey around the world and insights into different cultural recipes has given us the possibility to create the most outstanding chocolate, which taste is unforgettable. Finally, “TAI TAU “ chocolate has reached You.

Throughout quite short time, our efforts, hard work and products were acknowledged among various consumers between different ages and cultures. Moreover, the chocolate has been praised among the other chocolate experts. All in all, this meant, that we are on the right road.

Let’s see what makes our “TAI TAU EXCLUSIVE” and “TAI TAU CLASSIC” chocolates so special:

It is real chocolate, made from exclusive cocoa masses ARRIBA, GHANA, GRENADA cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar.
In highest quality chcoolate there has to be the lowest amount of natural emulsifier, lecithin. Not only that we use the smallest amount possible, we are using rapeseed lecithin instead of soya lecithin (which is usually made from genetically modified soya). Our lecithin is natural and not genetically modified rapeseed lecithin.
“TAI TAU” chocolates –are chocolates without sin, deceit. In our chocolates you will not find any chemicals, hydrogenated fats, cocoa powder ( cheaper material instead of cocoa mass).
Our chocolate is packed with vitamins such as A,E and B.

We hope you enjoy eating and sharing our chocolates.
Entirely guilt-free, natural.